A Trip Down Memory Lane: 6 Business Trends of 2018

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

6 Business Trends of 2018


This year has been an eventful year for many businesses as it has made a drastic change in their advertising and business strategies to adapt to the digital age. They reached milestones and have made an impact to a lot of their consumers. How? As we turn to the last quarter to year, let us take a look back at the most popular business trends of 2018.



  • Millennials, The Dominating Market


This year was predicted to see a change in the market as the millennial population grows, it will be the dominating generation in the market. They are quite a different bunch — they are a more informed and cautious group and look at the world differently from older generations. Because of them, there has been a huge shift in social media and online marketing right now. Companies, big and small, have become very competitive in terms of content. The next upcoming trend is said to be value-based selling which is now starting to become popular with environment-friendly and sustainable products.



  • Live Streaming Video Content


If you have noticed in the previous years, videos have become one of the best performing content and has not become vital to every business. People today want a real connection which can be best felt with a video, which is both an audio and visual presentation. It’s feels more personal and has become one of the easiest forms of media to build a business’ brand. It is said to give any business a face and a soul which would elevate themselves from their competition.



  • Hyperlocal Advertising


Smartphones are truly living up to its name of being a smart device. Amongst other things, they are now able to track your location. With that said, this has taken advertising to the next level. In case you didn’t know, hyperlocal advertising uses your location to show you ads that are relevant to where you are. For example, you are in a store shopping for clothes. Then suddenly, you see an ad on your phone about a sale in another nearby store. It filters out unnecessary ads that you might not be interested in. How cool is that?



  • Digital Marketing


Gone are the days when stock images, telemarketing, and plain old ad campaigns are the ways to convince consumers. This year’s the time to step up the marketing game and go digital by creating high value content and potentially viral videos, photos, or stories to get people’s attention. The digital marketing is all about connection and having a more personal approach, and this is why it is so powerful and beneficial to one’s business.



  • Convenience of an App


Instead of personally calling through a landline to book an appointment or going to an ATM just to check your savings funds, an app makes everything more convenient. This saves time and effort to a lot of people, especially the millennials who seem to always be in a hurry. Big companies like banks, movie theatres/malls, and other organizations have their own apps that people could download in their smartphones.



  • A Touch of Modernity in the Workplace


You might have seen the movie, “The Internship”, and saw the two leading characters to have landed the opportunity to be a part of Google. You’d notice that their office is way out of the ordinary and traditional type of office. 2018 is the year that office designs and layouts will increase productivity and efficiency, while managing proper behavior. There are more flex desk options, games in the office, a more open space, and the option to work remotely while still being connected by specific tools.